07 Iron Mace questions

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07 Iron Mace questions

Postby Chimwaa » Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:05 pm

Hello everyone. New to the Website. I am just getting back into shooting bows and having great trouble deciding what brand and model I want to shoot. The Local PSE Pro Shop in my area has a New 07 Iron Mace in his shop and I can get it for $400 - $450. That price is for the Bow only. Should I pick up up a new 08 or 09 Iron Mace or is the 07 Model the same exact bow? Also, is $400 a good deal on that bow? It has never been shot as far as I know.

Everyone I have talked to tell me I should buy a PSE Deam Season or Xforce GX. Not sure I want to drop $900+ on one tho. I have ALWAYS heard great things from HCA owners. I just cant find anyone around my area shooting the Iron Mace.

P.S. I plan to both Hunt and Shoot Competition in the hunters class.

Any response is greatly appreciated!!

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Re: 07 Iron Mace questions

Postby ironmacemafia » Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:41 pm

chimwaa I have owned 5 high country bows in the past and have had nothing but good experiences out of everyone i have owned personally, i own a 07 iron mace and when i bought it new it was $680.00. if you can get it for that price and it has not been used i would jump on it but make sure the bow feels good to you in your grip, it is a very fast,forgiving,and a very smooth bow, everyone who i know that own one is very pleased with theirs, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate at all, just drop me a email, plus you can go to highcountryarchery.com to find out more info on the newer bows, but i am very happy with my IRON MACE, and won't shoot anything but a high country bow. thanks and GOD BLESS, IRONMACEMAFIA
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