HCA Brute Force Bus cable problem Cam lean

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HCA Brute Force Bus cable problem Cam lean

Postby Bugs825 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:36 am

Ok heres the deal. I have a HCA Brute Force. I know that its not the best bow but its my first bow, I got it cheap, it fits me perfect, and I love how it shoots. After about 700-800 shots the bus cable started to fray where it makes contact with the hump of the cam. I checked for nicks or dings in the cam channel but there are none. I had it replaced and now its doing it again. This time it was probably around 500 shots. However, when I had it replaced, the shop didn't have a cable to match my old one. They did have one that was just a little longer. I think that it was 1/4" or 1/2" longer. They said that it shouldn't make a difference, just a little lighter draw weight.

As you can see from the pics, I hope. The cam is slightly tilted so the bus rubs. The shop thinks that its from the split limbs being old and worn causing one to be stronger than the other. But it looks to me that if the bus cable was tighter, or shorter, it would pull harder and straighten the cam.

I know that many people here know the ins and outs of most bows and love to help. I have 3 kids that love to shoot and all need new bows, so money is tight. I don't want my bow to go out with bow season starting in the not so distant future. The kids' bows come first!

Thanks so much!!!
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Re: HCA Brute Force Bus cable problem Cam lean

Postby bowfreak » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:25 am

If I remember correctly the brute force is a solo cam bow. If the buss cable is out of sorts it will definetly mess up the bow. You can adjust cam lean by adding twists to the yoke on the buss cable. My first recommendation is to get the correct cable for it though. Almost any archery shop can get you the correct string, weather they make it themselves or order one from a string maker. All they need to know is, who made the bow, solo cam or dual cam, Roller guard or cable slide, and the correct string and cable lengths. The bow will perform alot better w/ the correct cable on it!!
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